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As a BPI Certified Professional you will be recognized as being a member of the elite level of Contracting Professionals.  You will know how to improve energy efficiency while providing important safety functions such as mold prevention, carbon monoxide testing, and combustion appliance safety checks.  As a ThermalStar BPI graduate you will also have the know-how to prepare homes for solar, geo-thermal, or other types of energy upgrades.

BPI’s nationally recognized credentialing program identifies individual excellence in house-as-a-system evaluation, diagnostics and installation.  Strict technical standards mean that ThermalStar graduates are in demand – from homeowners, state and utility energy efficiency incentive programs and weatherization assistance programs.

Take advantage of this opportunity to start a new career or jump start your current one in the HVAC & Building Performance Industry.

  • Official BPI Test Center
  • ThermalStar has a 92% BPI Certification Pass Rate!
  • Full Grant Funding Available
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  • Offices in Phoenix and Tucson
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Upcoming ThermalStar Classes

Envelope Profession Certification Course Building Analyst Verification Course Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Professional Course

1 Day Advanced Application Classes

  • Advanced Blower Door Operations
  • Advanced Pressure Diagnosics
  • Envelope Professional
  • Advanced Duct Blaster Operations
  • Infared Specialty Course

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Advance Your Career

Expand your skill set. Be in demand. Get named the company MVP. Thermalstar Building Performance Institute (BPI) helps you build your career with our nationally-recognized training programs.

BPI certified technicians enjoy increased employment opportunities and boast third-party verification of their skills and abilities. That results in fewer customer call-backs, improved customer satisfaction ratings and an increased rate of referrals from those satisfied customers. Why? Because the rigorous, credible BPI training program is based on the principles of building science and the whole-home approach to contracting.

With our nationally recognized training, BPI Certified Professionals help raise the bar in home performance contracting. In understanding how all systems in a house interact, they are able to find issues and solve them the first time, making homes healthier, safer, more comfortable, energy efficient and durable.


Add Value to Your Business

BPI Accredited Contractors have the knowledge and expertise to help customers improve the performance, decrease the carbon footprint and lower the expenses of their homes. By increasing the scope of work, Accredited Contractors see an improved bottom line, earn a reputation for quality work and also add value to the community.

Once you complete your Accreditation, you can build a stronger, more credible brand for your company. Our logo will speak for you, claiming that you’re knowledgable, capable and experienced in your field. When people notice the BPI logo and realize that your work meets stringent standards, your reputation as a professional contractor strengthens.


Get What You Pay For

Your program is built to encourage homeowners to improve energy efficiency. But how do you know the work being done is worth what you pay in incentives?

Insist on using contracting companies and technicians that have been trained to get it right. Insist on the credentials of the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and our nationally-recognized training, certification, accreditation and quality assurance programs.

BPI accredited contracting companies employ certified technicians trained in home performance contracting. They offer your customers real solutions, not quick fixes:

  • A benchmark home performance assessment at the start of every job
  • A test-out home performance measurement at the end of every job
  • Confirmation that the work was done right - before leaving the site AND before sending the bill