UofA & ThermalStar Infrared Thermography Certification

ThermalStar Training Center is proud to collaborate with the University of Arizona to offer Infrared Thermography Classes & Certification 

Everything gets hot before it fails…


Monitoring temperature fluctuations can predict and prevent threats to employee safety and equipment failure. Infrared thermal analysis is the most accurate and efficient option available, and this exciting technology is constantly expanding its relevancy in fields involving electrical and mechanical maintenance as well as diagnostics in the medical and veterinary world.

Come train with us!

Our intensive 3 and 5 day hands-on trainings with expert instructors will teach you how to;

Collect accurate, quality thermal data

to predict and prevent failure

Account for measurement effects

like distance and emissions

Image storage and reporting

for trending purposes

Infrared Thermography Certification, an extraordinary skillset in the following areas and more!


Commercial/Industrial Electrical and Mechanical   |   Research & Development and Technology  |   Mining  |   Agricultural  |   Entomological  |   Veterinary  |   Construction, Building Performance & Restoration