Infrared Thermography Level II

Infrared Thermography Level II

This course builds on the skills of the Level I Certification, strengthens and improves thermography skills for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications. This course also adds skills to allow development of an overall infrared inspection program.

This course is a mixture of presentation/lecture material and hands on equipment practice. Attendees completing all training course requirements and a thermography field assignment will receive a Level I Infrared Thermography Certification.

This course is intended for students to become Level I Certified Thermographers. The course does not, by itself, qualify a student to practice any particular trade. There are numerous trades that recognize and/or require Level I Thermography Certification as a component of a potential employee or contractor’s resume. The Level I Thermography Certification is recognized worldwide.

This course is a total of 26 hours including testing.

Requirements for admission
A high school diploma or GED equivalent is required. The minimum recommended age for students is 18 years old, younger students may be accepted on an individual basis. A Level I Thermography Certification is also a prerequisite.

Tuition: $ 1,695
Administration Fee (Enrollment Deposit) $ 50
Test Fee $ 250

Total tuition & fees: $1,995

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