BPI Combo – Building Analyst & Envelope Professional

BPI Combo – Building Analyst & Envelope Professional

This is a dual certification course that encompasses all the material from the BPI Building Analyst and the BPI Envelope Professional courses into one course.

The class will prepare students for, and includes, the four proctored BPI Tests required to become a BPI Certified Building Analyst and a BPI Certified Envelope Professional. This course is a mixture of presentation/lecture material and hands on equipment practice.

This course is intended for students to become BPI Certified. The course does not, by itself, qualify a student to practice any particular trade. There are numerous trades that recognize and/or require BPI Certification as a component of a potential employee or contractor’s resume. There are various local, state and national agencies that require BPI Certification.

This course is a total of 40 hours including testing.

Requirements for admission
A high school diploma or GED equivalent is required. The minimum recommended age for students is 18 years old, younger students may be accepted on an individual basis.

Tuition: $ 2,895
Administration Fee (Enrollment Deposit) $ 50,
BPI Written Test Fee $ 500
BPI Field Test Fee $ 550

Total tuition & fees: $ 3,995

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